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welcome to the university
  taiwan is a subtropical island
  22 people are here to play
  drawing to various types of music for various lengths of time.
  interpretting the storyboards
  we had a nice conversation about the re-mapping project
  the space is full of work, just after 2 days!
  in the workshops, you have to be willing to lend a helping hand
  a group of students gather
around the modified storyboards
  everyone had to add one frame to the existing storyboards

concerned faces after being given the next project

  another view of the installation
for the re-mapping project

trying to guess the lies from the truth

  after a fine performance
  even the by-products
look beautiful
  what happened?
  joel's hand
  installation of work
  filming the storyboards

hanging work

  a fire hazard
  measuring the world