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oct 15 - 19 2001

With about 72 participants over 4 days, it was a short but action-packed experience. The workshop concluded with the tomato seminar on the last day which was open to the general public. This gave the students in the workshop an opportunity to share their work with people from outside the workshop. And since the workshop was supported by Asashi Shimbun, one of the largest newspapers in Japan, a 8 page newspaper 'catalog' of the workshop was put together and given to the students at the end of the workshop.

Since the group was so large, the workshop went a bit differently than previous workshops. Having large group critques with everyone was not really an option give the timeframe, so instead small groups of students seemed to form together to share their work and ideas with each other while members of tomato wandered around the space talking with indivuduals and groups, answering questions and giving feedback on the work that was produced.