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this is one version of the the looking / seeing / listening lists from the workshop.

ARTISTS / THINKERS (in particular order)

joseph beuys
marcel duchamp
robert rauschenberg
paul cezanne
gerhard richter
jmw turner
bridget riley
mark rothko
franz klien
yves kline
robert motherwell
lawrence weiner
richard long
hamish fulton
robert smithson
michael heizer
richard serra
donald judd
carl andre
jackson pollock
ian hamilton findley
yoko ono
marcel broothaers
sol lewitt
el lizitsky
alexandr rodchenko
sigmar polke
anselm kiefer
morito mori
liam gilick
art & language
raymond hains
richard hamilton
hans holbien
antonio tapies

john cage
charles and ray eames
buckminster fuller


samuel beckett

the society of the spectacle- guy de bord
tractatus logico-philosophicus- ludwig wittgenstein
snapshots- alain robbe-grillet
m, silence, a year from monday, rolyholyovercircus- john cage
iain sinclair- lights out for the territory
the watercourse way- alan watts
tao te ching- lao tsu


ran, seven samurai, kagamusa, rashomon- all by akira kurosawa
woman of the dunes (japanese)
napoleon- abel glance
chungking express, fallen angels- wong kar wei
breathless, alphavile- jean luc godard
blade runner- ridley scott
andrei rublev, the sacrifice, mirror, stalker- andrei tarkovsky
last tango in paris, 1900 - bernado bertolucci
nosferatu, fitzcaraldo- werner herzog
wings of desire- wim wenders
time of the gypsies
october, battleship potemkin- sergei eisenstein
tokyo story- ozu
once upon a time in the west- sergio leone
la jetee- chris marker
apocalypse now- francis ford coppola
l'aventtura, zabriskie point- michaelangelo antonielli


pharoh sanders- black unity, karma, tauhid, thembi.
alice coltrane- journey in satchidananda, ptah the el daoud, the awakening.
thelonious monk
sun ra- space is the place
keith jarrett- the köln concert
rolling stones- aftermath, december's children, exile on main street
brian eno- another green world, music for films, discrete music
pacabel- canon in d major
david bowie- low
bob dylan- subterranian homesick blues, highway 61, blonde on blonde
aavo part- alina, misere
steve riech- music for 18 musicians


edward weston
william klien
mario giacomelli
laszlo moholy-nagy
andreas gursky
hiroshi sugimoto


liebskind, daniel- the space of the encounter.
a guide to archigram 1961-74.
concerning archigram. edited by dennis crompton. archigram archives.

tadao ando