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october 31- november 1, 2001

The last two days of the workshop seemed to go by very quickly.

The last day was fantastic as well, it felt like the entire workshop was leading up to this point. The begining of the day was spent finishing up the group projets (presenting a script involving the characters that everyone created) Some of the projects were video, others were perfomance and even one was a type of board game.

John spend most of the remainder of the afternoon sitting down with small groups of people to look at indivdual portoflio and work created outside of the workshop. It was insightful as always to have everyone together sharing other work and ideas. Most of the small groups quickly became larger groups as everyone seeme to be very interested in each others work and what could be said about it.

The nice thing about these particular informal conversations was that they really seemed to help everyone put it all in perspective. To see some of the ideas and inspirations of the workshop applied to more practical, day to day issues like presenting your portfolio and how to think about your work on a more critical level, enabling you to take it further than before. It is interesting to note how much of the time we actually know that our work is not our best work, we know that w could be doing things much higher quality, but for some reason we often do not push ourselves to go that extra distance. I suppose that is hopefuly one of the effects of the workshop on an indivdual: to leave the experience renewed, refreshed, with a higher level of understanding and motivation of their own work so they can push themselves to create things that are even more honest and truly representations of themselves.

And of course the workshops don't really feel like they are ending. Idealy they are simply a begining to a much longer, more difficult and interesting journey and exploration of yourself and your work.