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Tomato workshops 2003/4

Tomato will be holding a unique global workshop at the end of March 2004.

The venues for the event will be Kassel University in Germany, The Rhode Island School of Design in The USA and the Inter-cross Creative Centre in Sapporo, Japan. This will ONE workshop held in three different rooms. It just so happens that the rooms are in different countries. By using the internet and couriers everyone will be not only able to make work, talk about it and modify each others work electronically but also on physical pieces.

This year, the format for the workshops will change to enable the development of ideas over a longer period. To this end, in October and early November this year, there will be a weekend events in each location comprising lectures/presentations and informal workshops during which projects will be set to be developed over the following months.

The workshops are open to all but there will be very limited numbers in each location. Anyone who is familiar with our past workshops will be aware that we usually try to keep the numbers of participants low so we can enter into meaningful dialogues with everyone on an individual basis. If you want to find out more about the workshops we've held before please visit Ed Panar's excellent website;


The dates we are holding are as follows.

Initial 'set up weekend';

Rhode Island ; October 17/18/19
Sapporo ; October 24/25/26
Kassel ; October 31, November 1/2

Simultaneous workshop event Friday March 26 - Sunday April
4 inclusive (all three venues).

Projects will be set during the 'set up weekend' so that ideas can be developed between the three locations over the intervening months. Additional projects will be set in response to the work being made as it develops. Then during the final ten days, work will be being made around the world and shared over the internet. We intend to link the venues by live video for the final period.

The work schedule will be flexible enough to enable people to continue with their other commitments during the intervening period, but we do expect it will be hard work. This format should enable the development of larger projects such as film, architectural, music, publications and so on. Therefore we will be endeavouring to provide subsequent outlets for the work that is made. Already a Japanese magazine has expressed interest and we hope to be able to exhibit the work not only on the web but also in physical spaces.


The fees for individual participants will be;

Yen 20,000/day 3 days set up + 10 days final workshop = Yen 260,000

Rhode Island;
US$ 200/day 3 days set up + 10 days final workshop = US$ 2,600

Euro 200/day 3 days set up + 10 days final workshop = Euro 2,600

Payment of the fees can be spread over the period, but we will require the three day weekend fee on confirmation of booking. As before, transport, subsistence and accommodation are the responsibility of the participants but we will be able to recommend low cost facilities in each location.

As this event is more complicated than the previous ones there will likely
be many questions so we will set up a FAQ page on our website over the coming weeks.

If you are seriously interested in taking part, please email your intention
in either English or Japanese to ;